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addressing A basic need
Mailgapp is on a mission to fight homelessness.
Whether by choice or circumstance, We are here to help.
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Digital service

Bridging the gap between know and where

Save time,
and yourself

Real Physical Address, Real Postal Mail,
All Mobile. Join The Movement. The rest? You Don't Even Have To Worry.

receive sms notifications

View notifications from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. View images of the exterior, address side of all mailpieces and packages that you received that day.

Digital mailbox service

MailGapp answers the question: How do I Get the mail out of my mailbox, keep it out of my inbox, and delivered into the palm of my hand?

Mailgapp connects individuals to a community

connect - collaborate - communicate

Individuals $10/mo

Whether your situation is permanent or temporary we can help. A physical street address with digital mailbox services through the conveniece of your phone. Use our address to apply for housing, assistance, benefits, or work. Open bank accounts, credit cards, and other online services and directories that require something other than a

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Solo businesses $25/mo

Solo entrepreneurs, work from home businesses, service professionals, and startups. Start here first. Don't waste time, money, and other resources when all you need is a professional businesses address to satisfy legal and regulatory agencies. Sign up for our commercial mail receiving agent service and receive FREE registered agent service as well.

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