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In MailGapp, our mobile office let’s you choose a business address from thousands of partner locations all across the US.This sign up process all happens within MailGapp while being recorded. After checking 2 forms of identification, MailGapp allows you to view your postal mail like gmail, and documents like docusign.Our digital office allows you to connect with your clients, face to face, to close that deal and sign that contract.  Just like what we used to sign you up. Ultimately satisfying professional standards and providing you with services to complete business transactions


People work in a fast moving business environment in which multi-channel business communication is the norm. They are more mobile than ever before.  They adopt new technologies, new media, and new channels of communications almost instantly. Our world of mailing is undergoing a digital revolution.  There is a shift from transactional to promotional.  Businesses are adapting to these changes.
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Why choose MailGapp

We sincerely care about your out of office experience, because that’s where all the work really gets done. It's not about what's inside your mailbox, or what's inside that envelope that matters. It's about time. Saving it, creating more of it, and making the most of it. Your business starts with a need for a business address.






Who knew?

Did you know that there are more than 10,000 coworking locations world wide? Did you know that there are 1.3 BILLION mobile workers and 7 BILLION mobile devices? Why is it that people still go into the office to check their postal mail? 
Sign up for MailGapp! Real address. Real mail. All mobile.
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A bit more about the app

For small businesses who want a virtual office address: Mailgapp is an economical, secure, legal and official receiving agent where you can collect and manage all kinds of mail. Unlike  P.O boxes, UPS stores, or Wework we have a patent pending sign up process that can be done from our mobile app.

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